Greater Houston Area Disaster Relief

How you can help your fellow Houstonians

As Ashley Deutser mentions in her article below, "...we live in a city that doesn't ask the question whether or not to give. The questions that are most often asked...'When?', 'How?' and 'Where?'"

Now is the time. Some of you may have been affected by the recent storms; many of you may know others who suffered losses. All of us at GHCF stand with you, and have the answers to "How?" and "Where?"

Our Donor Services Department is standing by to assist you with your grant-making needs. If you are a GHCF donor, you can make a grant request through DonorXpress. If you are a donor at another Community Foundation, you can make a grant request through your Donor Services Department. If you are not a donor or if you wish to give directly to one of the above organizations, you can click on their respective links.

Please check with us periodically, as we plan to update this information when we know of additional opportunities.

We are proud to be part of this great city.

Mantle of Civic Duty Falls to Houston Youth

by Ashley Deutser, YPC Planning Committee Member,
and featured in the Houston Chronicle

Fortunately, we live in a city that doesn't ask the question whether or not to give.

The questions that are more often asked in Houston are: "When?", "How?" and "Where?"

The generosity that exists in our city is rooted in the history of Houston. We are who we are because of those who came before us. Philanthropic leaders and families, such as the Jones family, the Cullen family, the Cockrell family and many others, have had a vision and passion for our city. Their contributions have not only made an indelible impact on our city, but also set the foundation for my generation.

Read the rest of Ashley's Op-Ed here.

Greater Houston Fund to End Homelessness Releases
Youth Survey Results

The Greater Houston Fund to End Homelessness (GHFEH), one of GHCF's community impact funds, is proud to release the results of YouthCount 2.0 – a ground-breaking survey of homeless youth in Harris County. YouthCount 2.0 provides the first-ever comprehensive look into youth homelessness in the greater Houston area. The survey was made possible by a 2014 grant of $90,851 from the GHFEH to the University of Houston. Through a joint effort between the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and the UTHealth School of Nursing, 436 homeless youth were identified and surveyed over a four-week period in late 2014. The surveys yielded a wealth of data on youth homelessness for the Houston area. Click here for an executive summary of the survey results.

The survey results are intended for use by practitioners, donors, lawmakers, and nonprofit providers in the greater Houston area to understand and address the complex issue of youth homelessness including identifying strategies for prevention and improvement of service delivery to homeless youth.

The Fund to End Homelessness, established in 2013, offers individual donors and foundations a strategic way to collaborate for catalytic philanthropy. Fund contributors chose to focus specifically on youth homelessness for its grantmaking after a significant period of donor learning exercises, research and dialogue with community homeless service providers. The GHFEH will utilize these survey results for community education and future strategic grantmaking. For additional information about the YouthCount 2.0 or to join the Fund to End Homelessness donor network, contact Rachelle Moody at rmoody@ghcf.org.


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